Anonymous asked: “Fake news – How to spot it and how to stop it?”

So…how to “stop” fake news? Ignore it. 

  • Remember: no press is bad press. The formula that most media sites operate on puts the content that gets the most attention to the top of people’s news feeds and in the front of people’s minds. This means that even if you’re sharing or commenting on a fake news article to show everyone how absurd it is or to prove an opposing point eloquently…you’re feeding the monsters in your computer hungry for viral content. In short, when in doubt, don’t share it. Instead, share the article or content from a reputable news source that refutes the fake news in question!
  • Remember, too, that the content you consume is based on the personalized bubble you live in. Question your own biases by seeking information that might contradict how you normally think…This might feel uncomfy, but at the end of the day it could help equip you for a better, more informed discussion with someone who thinks differently from ya!

If you’re wondering how to “spot” and “stop” fake news…you’re already on the right track! 

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