I wore my asexual flag scarf to class on Friday and in tutorial, as soon as I sat down, a girl sitting next to me said “Hey, are those the ace colours as a scarf?”

!! Recognised in the wild!

there’s someone who lives in the same dorm as me who wears an ace colored sweatshirt and i asked them if it was bc they were ace and they said yes and we high-fived!


The true power of pride flags.

I wore my ace scarf and ran into a girl with an ace patch on her bag. Greatest day of my life.

There’s a girl who has the pan flag draw on her bag in my creative writing class, and I squealed when I saw it.


When I was helping run the lgbtqia+ soc. stall we had at the school’s fresher’s fayre, I had an ace flag draoed around me and a group of younger students came up to our table, encouraging their ace friend to talk to us.

It was fantastic, ace recognition and solidarity in public is like such a great thing to experience

Someone once said they liked my button and I’m like which one and she said the ace button and I’ve never been so happy in my life. And I met a guy who was ace as well and recognized my pin as well. He’s part of my d&d group.

One of the girls in my class painted her nails the colors of the ace flag, and I asked her if she could do mine.

Next thing you know it’s two short ace girls walking around and holding hands with ace colored nails.

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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