Rule one of fandom: there are some things that only exist for us.

Don’t send actors fics

Don’t give them explicit art ever

Don’t tag them in rpf questions or theories

Don’t try to bring them into fandom drama of any kind

Don’t hold them responsible for what the producers and writers decide

They’re still people.  They have private lives, which do not include fandom.

Esp when you don’t even OWN the fics or arts you sent them

There are exceptions – there are actors who have embraced fandom and love to see fannish depictions of themselves. There are celebrities who love to see new twists on their work.

…but nobody needs their introduction to fandom to be “here’s a 25,000 word fic showing you in an ABO sex pollen orgy.” And they really, really don’t need to see the accompanying artwork.

Between the various ComicCons and talk shows, if they’re potentially interested in fandom, they’ll discover it – someone who knows them personally will mention, oh hey, did you know this exists? And if their response is “yeah, I know that stuff exists; I don’t care for it,” don’t pester them about it. Those who think it’s great, will say so.  Let THEM come to US, not the other way around.

I feel like this used just be a known unknown rule in Fandom but in recent years people have lost all sense of fucking boundaries. It’s very weird and unsettling

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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