note that whenever I say huge amounts of wealth can’t be gained through ethical methods this is what I’m talking about

To explain just a hair more, if a landlord can use someone’s rent to buy a new property, and use tenants in a new property to buy yet more property, it means every person who pays rent could have also eventually bought a property outright and not had to have such a constant drain. But, no renter could: for lack of upfront funds, for a lack of access due to racism or ableism or classism, for lack of trust given by financial institutions, etc. Put plainly, a landlord contributes no value or service but uses someone else’s funds to compound a landlord’s own riches and get more human livestock to bleed, simply because of a moment of permission granted by more powerful groups. How many people are suffering and struggling to keep an ex-nurse afloat in luxury? What is being contributed?

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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