Sexual orientation is defined as sexual attraction to a certain GENDER or SEX. You can not trade being heterosexual or homosexual for being a pedophile, because “child” is neither a GENDER nor SEX. The argument is tired. Pedophilia CAN’T be a sexual orientation by definition.

No tea, no shade, just FACTS!! 👏🏾

Don’t nobody think pedophiles should be part of the lgbtq umbrella.
Some anti-gay people are trying to say the lgbtq community supports it
in other to make more people hate lgbtq people.

Sorry not sorry I FUCKIN HATE PEDOPHILES 👎🏽 I don’t mind losing followers behind this post either because THE SHIT IS SICK AF

It’s literally classified as a paraphilia or a sexual DISORDER. It’s not valid. They need therapy, not to be coddled and accepted. They have no place on my blog. This blog is a safe place for minors and not for pedophiles.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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