Alright shitstains listen up because I just found god in a bottle.

If you’re a nerd like me your body’s probably riddled with a few nerd tattoos yeah? Some of ‘em in some pretty obvious places? Maybe you work in a professional environment that frowns upon body ink? Maybe you’re a cosplayer and you have some revealing outfits that you need to cover up for, yeah? Tattoos that you can’t afford that $30 Kat Von D Tattoo cover up because you’re a cheap broke shit?

Story of my life bud.

Now I have a pretty obvious Squad 11 tattoo, because I’m a Bleach nerd and Zaraki Kenpachi is my husband, and honestly it’s difficult to hide it in some of my cosplays because it’s bright and black and right smack dab on my shoulder. Poor planning on my part but hey, squad represent.

You see that glorious miracle up there? That’s Mehron Tattoo Cover. You see those pictures underneath it? Tattoo? What fucking tattoo?! It’s gone!!!! Vamoosed!!! Like I never got the ink in the first place!!!!

This shit is durable, and I mean durable. It’s completely waterproof and that first picture of my tattoo is actually what it looked like after scrubbing at it with two makeup wipes. TWO. It’s not going anywhere

And the best part? 


I mean it’s not phenomenal but hey at least it’s not just “pale as fuck”.

And you wanna know the second best part?

It’s only 12 bucks on Amazon

Yeah. $12. Not $30. Because $12 is much more reasonable than $30.

As for size reference, that’s how big it is in that third picture right there. It’s honestly the best investment I could have made and everybody should know about it.

Go forth and conquer with your newfound knowledge. You’re all welcome.

As someone who used to chair a stage makeup department, Mehron and Ben Nye are going to be cheaper and better than whatever concealer/orange eye shadow/green lipstick whatever weird tutorial you found or expensive-ass luxury concealer.

Why you ask?

Because Mehron and Ben Nye are stage makeup. They’re meant to give thick, full coverage in one layer that can stand up to cameras and stage lights. Blend it out, powder it, and you’ll never look back. Plus it’s cheap enough that you can buy 2 and mix the perfect shade. 

This will work on scars, too.

Just an FYI for folks I know who may want to cover for cosplays, work, or personal reasons.

Honestly this would be a life saver for people with tats stuck looking for jobs in places that frown on them.

I’ve watched people not get jobs at places I work even though their personalities and experience levels were exactly what we were looking for purely because of personal adornment (tattoos, piercings, etc.). So to anyone who might need a product like this, I hope you see this post.

Reblogging in case anyone wants to know how to hide scars specifically.

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