if infinity war was like… written according to common sense and not for cheap drama… it would have taken exactly two (2) avengers to end Thanos’ purple ass and that’s Mantis and Wanda working together. maybe Valkyrie as their third party member if they needed some raw bisexual muscle. you noticed how the guardians never even made it to earth and Valkyrie was just entirely unaccounted for? if the three of them ever met it would be an instant story breaker. they’d be unstoppable. 

Mantis: puts Thanos tf to sleep

Wanda: holds Thanos while Mantis is doing her thing, destroys the stones

Valkyrie: kicks Thanos in the nuts while he’s out 

and none of THAT would have even been necessary if Shuri had only had like an extra week of prep time. the very first time she encounters Vision/an infinity stone she’s coming up with things that never even occurred to Bruce and Tony; you think she can’t come up with a way to neutralize all the stones and Thanos too?

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