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Dear teen girls,

purpleandpinkhouses: spoonmeb: alwaysbewoke: monsters-and-teeth: onlyblackgirl: fvlani: dynastylnoire: exposing-the-bullshit: Stop abusing your boyfriends and yes what you are doing is abuse. Stop: Yelling at him in front of his friends  Hitting or slapping him when he does or says something you … Continue reading

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shiobookmark: angryblackgirlrants: hansbekhart: xsourpussx: egodram: fuckyeahsexpositivity: blackwaifu: goldstarprivilege: appropriately-inappropriate: hellomissmayhem: gaywitchesforabortions: tehbewilderness: the-fly-agaric: bajo-el-mar: Reading about abusive men and the way they think. Very unsettling and an incredible book so far. Here are my very professional notes. what book is … Continue reading

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drifting-ona-memory: invaderxan: Heard some important information on Twitter today, and thought I’d post it here for anyone who may not have heard it. This is actually a thing, devised by human rights organisation called Karma Nirvana. Reblog to save a … Continue reading

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