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shirdog: -When them grow up- 花了一个月的时间,断断续续的总算画完了。 未经许可请不要二次上传 Source: shirdog

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lifeofcynch: charamells: Hopes and Dreams hhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHH Source: charamells

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kayiiin: FINALLY!!!I MADE IT!!!a pocket papyrus!! So happy to see these bones sit together❤️❤️ Hard to explain the making progress, so I just took a lot of pictures of the progress. Then combine the head and body, Done! (bad tutor They … Continue reading

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heytherechief: Had kind of a terrible day today where nothing really went right. Here’s a quick Undertale doodle I did of the world’s favorite line (and mine as well).  Source: heytherechief

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Video Game Review: Undertale

I’m not quite sure when I first heard about this video game called “Undertale” or how. I know that it showed up in my tumblr feed and a friend mentioned it back in October 2015. As I was currently travelling and … Continue reading

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