Book Review: Protector of the Small by Tamora Pierce

Continuing with my celebration of the end of my third term at SHU, I spent my weekend reading the rest of the Protector of the Small series by Tamora Pierce, which included Page (Young Adult Fantasy 245 pages), Squire (Young Adult Fantasy 380 pages), and Lady Knight (Young Adult Fantasy 409 pages).

This is one of those times where I enjoyed the stories, even though I knew how pretty much every one was going to end. The good guys win, the bad guys are defeated and the world moves on. I like that this short series did not end with Kel married off and having children. I liked very much that it actually ended with Kel riding off to a complicated post, filled with the people she was sworn to protect. We’ve seen that being a commander of any forces in Tortall during this period of war with the Scanrans would be difficult and we know what kind of things Kel will face as she returns to her post. It’s not a typical “happily ever after” ending, but it is a happy ending because the reader knows that Kel will be having many more adventures, whether they’re written about or not. Kel is fulfilling her purpose as a Knight and that is how she wants to spend her days.

Starting the second book in the series, Page, late on Friday night, I was already engrossed in the land of Tartall so it was a little less interesting to have so many pages reiterate to me of things I already knew. I know that when books are written, the author does not expect the readers to have just completed a reading marathon by reading all the books in order one right after another. I also know that sometimes, I include stuff from chapter to chapter that I probably don’t need to, but it’s a way I use to remind myself of some of the key things that are going on in the story. I’d definitely say that writing the story is much more difficult than reading a story. This summation happens several times through the last three books in the series. Although, it did motivate me to want to read the Song of the Lioness Quartet again, just to refresh my mind on a lot of the things that happened there. I have not yet read the Immortals Quartet, but I think I shall definitely have to look into them. If that series is as good as the other two, I’m sure it will make for another good weekend of reading at some point in the future.

Protector of the Small was a good storyline. After all the absolutely terrible things I do to my characters in my stories, it’s very nice to be able to sit down comfortably in another writer’s world and believe in Knights and happy endings again.

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