Book Review: the Phoenix Transformed by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory

I actually finished reading the Phoenix Transformed (Fantasy 511 pages) by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory a couple days ago but did not get a chance to write up my thoughts on it. This was the concluding volume to the Enduring Flame trilogy.

I liked the characters, but I think I got a bit confused sometimes as to which person was the main focus for the POV. This didn’t happen as frequently as with the earlier volumes in this particular series, but it happened often enough where I remembered it. Earlier in the series, I often had difficulty distinguishing between Tiercel and Harrier. It didn’t feel to me as though there were enough differences between the two characters, and that thought process continued until the conclusion of this novel as well. I sometimes felt that both Tiercel and Harrier could be switched for each other at any given time, since I couldn’t really feel the actual personality differences between the two.

I think this trilogy was actually a good series for me to read as a new writer because it showed me some of the difficulties in writing from a 3rd person Point Of View for every single character. I think if there hadn’t been so many different character POVs that I might have been less confused. But as a whole, I know there were times when the POV was Tiercel, Harrier, Shaiara, Ahairan, Bisochim, Razinda, and probably others as well. I understand the need to show the reader the events occurring outside the main character’s screen, but it might have been easier to only stick with a couple different POVs and not switch out so often. I don’t know. I sincerely doubt I could have told this story any better.

The book as a whole was good, but not a quick read. There are positive points and negative points to books that require a lot of effort to read. The positive parts is that I am more likely to remember specifics about the characters, the storyline, the overall concept, and more specific scenes. The only main negative is that once I started reading the book, I knew I had to finish it, but sometimes it felt a little too thick for the mood I was in. I’ve also noticed that with books I read faster that I don’t remember as many of the details of the story as I do with books that I have to pay attention to as I read.

Overall, enjoyable and I will probably read it again in the future.

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