Accept Fire and Blood revisions

The revisions for Accept Fire and Blood are moving along, though not as quickly as I had hoped. I’ve got a lot of work that needs to be done and one of the key problems I’m having is how it appears to me as though I’m crossing a variety of normal genre tropes. In the beginning when I first started working on this novel, I anticipated it being classified as Dark Sci-Fantasy. I set the story in the future, so I use technology a lot. There is also an active magical element, where certain individuals can cast spells when given the right equipment. As the story progressed, my mentor and my two critique partners at the time mentioned to me that it appeared as though I was writing horror, since a lot of people were dying and not from natural causes. I checked through my MAWPF manual from Seton Hill University and decided that I should reclassify my novel as horror, even though I’m still keeping those elements of technology and fantasy. And now it appears as though I have to add a new sub-genre of mystery, as I have to drop clues throughout the text to reveal things at appropriate times. I’m really struggling with revealing information and I think that I might want to look at a how-to for mystery writers type of book for one of my next reading assignments.

I guess I can now say that Accept Fire and Blood is a Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery novel. That’s a lot of different rules that I continue to break with my entire story. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to take care of most of the blatant issues during the revisions phase, but I’m pretty sure that when my novel gets published, there will be a lot of people all across the board who dislike my novel (and eventually the series) just because I break so many rules.

But that’s the story. I, as the author, don’t have nearly as much control over changing the story itself as people would think. Stories and characters set up shop in my head, then they wander off or change the decorations, and then getting them to do things that I want them to do or that I want to happen is much akin to herding cats. I guess I would say that it’s just my job to tell the story in a way that people want to read, but where readers still feel like they can build positive and solid relationships with the characters, maybe even become emotionally attached.

I still have a long ways to go as a writer, but I do feel as though I’m making progress and I hope the revision phase gets easier as I attack the script more forcefully in the coming months.

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