World Fantasy Convention 2010 complete

Wow. This year’s World Fantasy Convention in Columbus, Ohio, was absolutely amazing. I met a lot of interesting people and attended a few interesting panels. I should probably start at the beginning, though, since it’s been so long since I posted anything.

I’ve spent most of this month secretly working on the second book in my intended Wildlands series, which is probably a really good thing. The first draft of the second book, Betray, is just over halfway completed. I was posting about it on my facebook, but I stopped because it didn’t really seem to me as though anyone cared except me, and that’s okay because I’m the one writing it, therefore I ought to be able to provide my own motivation to continue working through projects.

I left for WFC late on Tuesday night after a really long and extensive day of work. My flights were really smooth and I finally arrived in Columbus around dinner time on Wednesday evening. I stopped at the registration desk only to find that the entire volunteer crew was leaving to go to dinner and done doing things for the night. I made arrangements to help them out in the morning and I worked solidly after that, only attending three panels total from Thursday through Saturday. I meant to go to so many more, but I was just so physically, mentally, and emotionally drained that I didn’t think I had the ability to sit down and be quiet during a discussion.

Seton Hill University’s MFA in Writing Popular Fiction had a fantastic turnout and it felt like everywhere I went, I ran into people I knew. It was a good, warm fuzzy feeling, but it also made it more complicated for me to volunteer because I wanted to hang out with my friends. SHUers even participated in several of the panels. I’m hoping that they came out as well as I did in the end.

I’ll give a detailed list of the panels I attended and my impressions of them, as well as my book haul, once the books arrive in the mail sometime next week. I had so many books that I had to mail them back to myself.

I met a lot of amazing people and I hope to be able to keep in contact with them as we all become peers and coworkers in the book industry, be it as writers, editors, publishers, agents, or just people who enjoy to read.

When I checked my email on Thursday, I found another note saying that my thesis passed, which was unexpected news. I was shocked because I honestly thought that I would receive one passing grade and one failing grade, with a note about how I now had 3 weeks to fix the entire manuscript. I was prepared to spend the entire month of November frantically writing and attempting to fix my manuscript in order to pass my MA. So the only things I brought on the plane with me to work on was my manuscript. As soon as I received the email informing me of my impending doom of passing, I saved the files to my desktop and immediately began work on them during my second flight, which was a wonderful thing for me to have done.

So while participating in huge amounts of manual labor, I met a great many people in the industry. Everyone saw me hauling books and working and generally just being extremely productive. So when it came time for me to suck up my fear and approach a publisher to a smaller, but very respected company, and tell them that I’m a writer with a finished first manuscript, they told me to send them the full and they would look it over.

My full, entire, 100% complete manuscript is currently in the hands of a publisher. I can’t even begin to describe how this makes me feel. I was a little confused and stunned at first, but I eventually followed the very good advice received from several sources that told me I should follow their instructions when I didn’t seem to understand what I was supposed to do. So I checked their website for their submission requirements, spent about an hour and a half reformatting to their standards, and then I sent it off. I’m very glad I made immediate corrections as I received comments from both of my graders. I’m also very glad I spent so much time lately revising and polishing everything and then working on the second novel behind everyone’s back.

But now I’m very tired and hoping to get to bed soon. Work will be long and difficult for the next month, so I didn’t sign up for NaNoWriMo, but I might just do it anyway without signing up. I have at least three story ideas that I need to actually write and get on paper. If the publisher decides they like my work, I’d like to make sure they understand that I’m willing to actually do the work and that I enjoy writing very much – that I will be a prolific investment for them.

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