An ambitious writer

Going over my project list tonight, I realized that I have a lot more books going on than I thought I did. Accept Fire and Blood, the first book in my intended Wildlands series, is currently under review with Edge. Betray, the second book in my intended Wildlands series, is about half complete and I’m hoping to have a first draft done within the next several months before I leave on my extended research trip. Then there’s Janitor, which is my possible Young Adult book that’s barely made it past the first chapter. There is also the unofficial NaNoWriMo novel Child of Chaos. And last, but not least, the super secret writing project that will likely make me a best seller, TBR.

The fun part about all these writing projects is that they are all completely different. Different genres, different story types, different ideas. It’s not like I’m just writing fantasy or mystery. I’m writing almost one of everything. I do believe that the more I write, the better of an author I will become and the more prolific my work, the greater the chances of becoming a household name author. I want to share the stories in my head the best way possible with the most people I can.

Writing is fun. Building characters and worlds and impossible situations is an amazing way to spend my free time and I’m looking forward to someday saying that all those stories are available for purchase. But that’s going to happen for several years, at the very least.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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