end of 2010

These were my goals for 2010, as well as my comments on how well I succeed at those goals.

01. Finish the first full draft of the book. I did complete the first three drafts of Accept Fire and Blood and will be defending it as my thesis for my last and final residency at SHU in January 2011. Absolute success with this resolution.
02. Read two of the unread books from the shelves per month. I really didn’t do very well on my reading last year. It appears as though I only read six books from the shelves total, which clearly fails the goal of two per month. I have 271 books on the shelf, and of those I have read 176. That’s only about 65% of the books that I own are ones that I have actually read. Non-success on this resolution.
03. Write book reviews for all books I read. I wrote reviews on 33 of the books I read this year, not all of which were from my own shelves. So while I may not have been reading as much as I wanted, I did write reviews on all those books that I did read. Therefore, absolute success with this resolution.
04. Think up, find, or acquire a solid pen name. Clearly I did that since here I am. Absolute success with this resolution.
05. Write 2000 words per week or revise 3 chapters per month of the book. I did really well with this resolution for the first part of the year, and then dropped off around October as my life at work started getting a lot busier. Non-success with this resolution.
06. Have all of my submissions finished and sent to my critique group at least a week before the actual due date. I think I was an absolute failure on this resolution, especially towards the latter part of the year as (again) work became more problematic.
07. Keep a word count log of how many words I write or delete a day. I really did well with this, and have graphs and charts and everything for my daily word counts. Absolute success with this resolution.
08. Attend another Conference or Convention for authors / publishers / agents. Aha! I went to the World Fantasy Convention 2010 in Columbus, Ohio, thus making this resolution another absolute success.
09. Submit 5 real queries before the end of the year to agents. Absolute failure on this resolution, as the only thing I did was submit a full manuscript to one publishing company. But in retrospect, that’s a very rare thing, so I’m going to call that a partial success.
10. Upgrade my computer to start using more writer software. I very much did this, and everything is working quite well. Absolute success on this resolution, as well.

Overall, I’d say I did pretty well with maintaining my 2010 writer goals. I think I will use these as a springboard to make my 2011 writer goals. It’s nice to be able to look back on the year and have proof that I actually did what I intended to do.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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