Writing Popular Fiction residency 5

After a little bit of trouble from work, I was finally able to make it to my fifth and final residency in order to receive my MA in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University. I ran into several others from the program on the flight and hooked up with  a ride quite conveniently. We arrived at the hotel in enough time to go with the group to grab some food before heading to the orientation session.

It’s good to see everyone again. In tonight’s opening reception, Dr. Wendland, the head of the program, spoke with us a little bit about goals. He asked us to take out a writing stick and something to jot down our notes on regarding the following topics:

1) What is your major goal for this residency? My major goal for the next several days is to read my thesis aloud without any breaks in my reading. I’d like my reading to be as smooth as possible and that I answer any and all questions thoroughly and accurately.

2) What is your writing goal for the next four months? My writing goal for the next four months is to get at least the first half of the first draft of OPoD completed. By first half, I’m thinking probably the first 45,000 to 50,000 words will suit my needs.

3) What is your writing goal for the final manuscript or next big project? My goal for my next big project is to get Accept Fire and Blood fixed up and with at least one publisher every three months until someone decides to pick it up, and also get finish a full first draft of either OPoD or Betray.

I think it’s interesting how Dr. Wendland also spoke with us about how goals have to be attainable and how they have to be realistic and something you have to push yourself to accomplish. I have said that exact same thing several times already. It’s good to hear things like that reiterated by others.

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