25 Days of Writing Challenge

Day 13: Your character has a whole day off to do whatever they want. Write a scene of them enjoying this free day.

Lemira woke just before dawn. She suspected that the rest of the trainees would spend their free day sleeping in and then go to the market to buy what little money they earned during training on frivolous things.

But that’s not what she intended for her day.

Just over a week ago during one of the training sessions involving scouting, she saw a trail along a rock wall. Her parents spent a good portion of her childhood terrified and annoyed with her climbing habits, but eventually they succumbed to the fact that she had no fear of heights and an undeniable impulse to climb everything.

She dug through her foot locker and found suitable workout clothes and left the barracks before any of her peers awoke and attempted to either join her or convince her to pursue more ladylike pleasures in the market.


About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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