Movie Review: Epic

Over the weekend, I went and saw the new animated movie Epic. I had never heard of this movie, I had seen no previews for this movie, and I knew absolutely nothing about this movie. I wonder sometimes about how I can be such an easy to please audience for so many things. I enjoyed this movie thoroughly and I strongly suspect that I will buy it when it comes out.

It’s possible that I enjoyed the movie so much because I was having a really good day in general and that I was in the right mood for it. It’s also possible that it was a genuinely funny movie. Regardless as to why, I had a fabulous time and thought the movie was bright.

I kind of thought at first that the movie would be a bit heavy-handed with an environmentally friendly message, but that’s not really the way that movie decided to go. The movie was very, very, very bright, though. I was forced to wear my sunglasses through the entire thing in order to keep my light-sensitive brain from exploding. Oddly, I don’t think I missed any of the movie by darkening it down a bit like that.

I also have to say that I was exceptionally relieved at the end of the movie where the potential romantic subplot totally didn’t work out. I realize that may have spoiled the movie for the two people who are here reading this review and I’m sorry about that. But I am absolutely sick and tired of every single movie I watch having some sort of romantic element. People hook up for no reason when it’s completely stupid or impractical to do so and you never really have just a good movie without any hint of romance. It annoys me hugely. Plus, maybe it was just me, but MK and the standard issue hot/teenage/rebel/non-conformist/adrenaline-junkie guy didn’t seem to have any chemistry at all. So I was immensely relieved when the two of them wound up not being able to be romantically inclined. The story felt like they should be romantically inclined but not that it was something that MK especially really wanted. And the romantic inclination is only there because that’s how the story is supposed to work, right? Hot guy meets teenage chick, they save the world together, then hook up and have a happily ever after marriage. Blah. That storyline is not only boring but also done to death. So I was glad Epic didn’t do that.

On to the fun parts. I was amused by a good portion of the movie. Whether I was supposed to be or not remains to be seen, but I found myself laughing a good deal. There even seemed to be some rather bizarre references to things like Alice in Wonderland and a few other “classic” animated stories.

I still have no idea whatsoever as to why the movie was titled Epic.

So overall, if you are easily amused and you don’t like romantic happy endings, perhaps you will enjoy this movie as much as I did.


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