Movie Review: Identity

“What if every choice we ever make was already made for us? What if there really were no coincidences in life and our destinies were already predetermined? Ten strangers with secrets are brought together in a savage rainstorm. A limo driver (John Cusack), an ’80s TV star (Rebecca DeMornay), a cop (Ray Liotta) who is transporting a killer (Jake Busey), a call girl (Amanda Peet), a pair of newlyweds (Clea Duvall and William Lee Scott) and a family in crisis (John C. McGinley, Leila Kenzle, Bret Loehr), all take shelter at a desolate motel run by a nervous night manager (John Hawkes). Relief in finding shelter is quickly replaced with fear as the ten travelers began to die, one by one. They soon realize that, if they are to survive, they’ll have to uncover the secret that has brought them all together.”

I found this movie just over a week ago in a movie store and remembered finding it incredibly intriguing when I watched it at my brother’s house several years ago. I didn’t get a chance to watch it again until tonight and I definitely enjoyed the movie on the second viewing.

I’m not going to spoil the movie for you if you haven’t seen it.

One of the biggest things I like about this movie is that it has absolutely zero romantic elements. I get so tired of going to see an action movie with a simple plot like defending humans from evil alien invasions and then finding out that they put in a romantic subplot or a love interest or something otherwise completely unsuited for my mindset of desiring random violence. I’d have to do a careful search through the movies I own if I was truly going to attempt to find even things I actually own that had no romantic or love element somewhere. I doubt I would find very many, though. This one is pretty fantastic for its lack of romance.

Another one of the things I picked up in watching this movie for only the second time ever in my life is that everything was foreshadowed really well if you were paying attention and knew what was going on. In fact, it added a creepy factor that’s rather difficult to replicate. The story was fantastic in that it didn’t really give anything away even if you were watching for the foreshadowing. It just made it creepier.

This might sound a little weird, but I also liked the way the people died in the movie. It wasn’t excessively bloody or gory and did a great job of only killing people in ways that made sense and didn’t add any extra parts that would unnecessarily create extra body parts or other gruesome bits that movie people sometimes add for increasing the “ick” factor.

I’d also have to say that this is the first movie in a long time where I actually had no idea what was going on until things were revealed in the proper order during the movie. I find most movies terribly predictable these days and Identity certainly wasn’t predictable. Though, I watched the movie with a friend who actually voiced the killer’s identity throughout the movie. And things still didn’t turn out the way anticipated, at least not until the very end.

Overall, this is a movie that I felt worthy of me purchasing it to add it to my collection. I’d say a good portion of that was the lack of romantic elements and the other big portion of enjoying the movie was the unpredictable storyline. Of course, now that I’ve said it’s unpredictable, you’re going to watch the movie expecting that it will do something completely random, which means maybe you will guess what’s going on.

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