Movie Review: After Earth

I’m doing pretty well lately about watching movies that I know absolutely nothing about. After Earth was another one of those. While I was told the general premise which sounded rather awesome, I still hadn’t seen a preview or read anything about the movie. Overall? I’d say it’s a movie that I might watch again if someone else was watching it, but probably not something I would seek out on my own.

Here’s why:

The movie had a lot of potential to do amazing things and tell a wonderful story and it felt to me like it just didn’t get there. I was mostly frustrated with the lack of common sense exhibited by all of these people in a space-faring society. Things like how your super cool spaceship is filled with these elite fighters who aren’t even smart enough to wear oxygen masks and a SEATBELT while the ship is clearly passing through some unhealthy areas. Also, the actual design of the aforementioned spaceship makes no sense to me. It was probably something that someone thought looked cool but that no one spent the time to actually figure out how it works. This bothers me in a few different ways because I get really tired of people creating things that have no practical application in the real world. It’s almost like all the female superhero costumes that have absolutely no fabric on them. I like to think that if I had some sort of super power and knew that I was going to dress up and face potentially hostile and dangerous situations that I would want to be as protected as possible, just in case.

But I digress.

The title of this movie was also rather annoying. The title was After Earth, but it really wasn’t after Earth because most of the story took place on Earth. The planet they are from is actually Nova (or something like that) and it looks kind of annoying and desert-like to me. Which brings up another inconsistency in the movie. If I lived my whole life on a desert planet and then I crash landed on this beautiful, green forest world, I’d be a bit out of sorts. I would be awed and humbled by my tiny-ness and how absolutely out-of-place I felt surrounded by all this wildlife and fauna. I imagine I would be rather distraught. I remember how out of sorts I felt when I first found myself in a desert with no end after having grown up in the forest. And that was without spaceships, alien creatures, and crash landings.

Continuing on with the desert Nova place, if the settlers knew that there were these giant alien creatures who could smell them, why in the world would they not start building fancy globes around their living establishments? You’re going to sit there and tell me that you can build spaceships and terraform new planets, but you can’t build a single-home biodome? Really? This just goes with my earlier comment about how this movie felt like it was adding things in just because they looked cool, but not really thinking through all the nuances of what a society would really be like or things that could potentially make sense in these future worlds. Unless technology has overtaken everything and all common sense has completely flown out the window. Which I guess is possible. But still annoying and stupid.

This movie had so much potential and it just didn’t get anywhere near where it could have gone. If you care about my idea of the movie, I’m of the opinion that with movie theater tickets so ridiculously expensive these days that you are better off saving your money for a different movie and waiting to see this one either as a rental or from Netflix.

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1 Response to Movie Review: After Earth

  1. CMrok93 says:

    You shouldn’t hate it, but if you do: I won’t consider you a dumb person. It’s not great, but I enjoyed a nice deal of it. Good review C.A.

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