The End of 2013

I don’t even really know what to say about 2013.

I moved across the country. I did the entire drive from coast to coast in six days by myself and had a great time. I stopped at the house of a really great friend and shared a wonderful meal with all the people I knew in the area. The men folk helped me fix my brand new truck cover, which attempted to escape repeatedly during the drive across one of the more barren of the states. I also stopped at six different Lego stores and spent tons of money on the pick-a-brick walls. Some were fantastic. Some were less so. The final one in the state I live in now leaves a lot to be desired. My apartment is the best I’ve lived in so far and it feels a lot like a home should.

My new job actually worked out for the best, which surprised me in a variety of ways. I got to travel to a country I’d never been to before and was having a wonderful time there until I had to return to the states due to a very broken ankle. I broke my ankle in two places and then spent five nights and five days in a foreign hospital where they performed my first ever surgery. And I remember that first night being painful and lonely, as I spent the first night in the hospital alone and they had put my bag out of reach. I had no way of contacting the hospital staff and I couldn’t get out of the bed. That night was one of the longest I can remember.

I have a lot of really amazing memories from 2013, mostly because I met the most fantastic and amazing person I have ever known. There were a lot of adventures and a lot of really good times. I went ziplining for the first time in my life. I spent a lot of time laughing, going to movies, eating out, and being a passenger for long drives. I bought a GPS for the vehicle because I kept getting us lost. Some of my favorite memories involve climbing at our local indoor climbing gym. Or the days of just watching movies together on the couch. We watched the Perseids meteor shower from the parking lot of a church while listening to Nightvale. We tried to go hang gliding, but it didn’t work out because of the weather. So we spent the day hanging around the beach and looking for a place to play miniature golf instead. But out of all those awesome times, I think that my absolute favorite memory is the weekend from the Independence Day holiday. By all accounts, it was a very boring weekend, but it’s one where I remember being very, very happy.

As another year comes to a close, I went through my previous posts and found my goals for 2013. I didn’t complete or even start working on some of them. I only had ten things on my goals list and here they are:

1. Write 500 words a day (I really didn’t do this, but I should have).

2. Finish the first draft for Away (This I actually did).

3. Finish the TLR project (I don’t even know where this is right now).

4. Read a book a week (I’m sure I did this, I just didn’t write reviews for them).

5. Earn my Master Diver certification (It’s super cold and low visibility diving where I live now. This isn’t likely to happen until I return to a place where diving isn’t uncomfortable).

6. Take at least one class towards my Architectural Technology degree (I didn’t get a chance to start work on this for a variety of reasons).

7. Exercise for 30 minutes a day (I’m pretty sure I did this, as I am now a lot smaller than I used to be).

8. Participate in a monthly writer’s group (I didn’t even try to do this).

9. Find and reclaim the AMP (I think I found it, but I really am getting to the point where I don’t think I’ll ever see it again).

10. Build a Lego model of the cabin (I didn’t spend nearly as much time building in 2013 as I have in previous years).

So even though it appears as though I barely accomplished any of my goals and there were some really unpleasant times, 2013 was very much worth it for me. I look towards 2014 with a little bit of trepidation because no good thing lasts forever. But, ever the idealist, I will believe in hope. The hope that maybe 2014 will be even better than 2013 was and that there will continue to be many fantastic adventures and wonderful days.

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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