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25 Days of Writing Challenge: Day 1

25 Days of Writing Challenge Day 1: Write a biography your life. Only use a seven word sentence. Travel the world, meet new people, disappear.

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January in Review

So just like every other year, I posted a list of goals that I would like to achieve through the new year. I never call them resolutions because resolutions make it sound like I only care about making progress on … Continue reading

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Movie Review: The Legend Of Hercules

I went and saw The Legend of Hercules today with one of my good buddies. As I haven’t been to the movies in months and I haven’t seen any previews for anything that’s out, that movie was picked because it … Continue reading

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Book Review: Forged In Fire by J.A. Pitts

I read Forged In Fire (urban fantasy 428 pages) by J.A. Pitts the same day that it arrived, which was yesterday. I continue to enjoy this series, especially the world-building and the characters. I’ll start my thoughts with the world-building. … Continue reading

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