25 Days of Writing Challenge: Day 2

Day 2: Create a character. Write a brief scene of them in a setting. Also use this paragraph to introduce the character to the reader by how they react to their setting.

“Black Knight to Green Ring, over.”

The silence from the other end of the com created more anxiety for Cyla than if she heard static or at least some other indication of traffic over the radio.

“Black Knight to Green Ring, over.”

“Still no luck getting the recon team on the coms?”

Clya swiveled the communications chair towards Hael’s voice.

“No. Still nothing from the recon team. They should’ve landed and checked in by now.”

“You’re worried. Admit it.”

Cyla sighed and leaned back in the chair. “I know I shouldn’t be. Lex’s been my partner for years now and we always trade off with who stays on the ship to prep for the big mission and who does the recon. I’ve always been better at accountability but I drew the short straw this time, so here I sit.”

Hael nodded. “Taking the coms is a rough gig, especially if you actually care about anyone on the recon. Rols is down there, too, but I know he’s a tough bastard that’s too stupid and stubborn to allow himself to get killed.” Hael paused and stared at the view screen. “Do you ever get tired of it?”

“Of what?”

“Of this,” Hael gestured out the view screen towards the expanse of stars and the blue and green planet occupying most of the scene.

Cyla turned back to the view screen with a grin and stared at the hundreds of thousands of stars – tiny pinpricks of light in every color imaginable and some that weren’t. Her gaze shifted down to the planet and the vibrant greens and pastel blues stretching across the arch of the planet.

“No, Hael. No. I never get tired of this.”

Hael smiled in answer to Cyla’s enthusiasm and left the control deck. Cyla’s grin widened as she turned back to the view screen and listened to Hael’s boots retreat down the passageway, but then faded as she switched her attention back to the control panel.

“Black Knight to Green Ring, over.”

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