Movie Review: Men At Work

It was a good and productive day at work today until the very end where things went severely disappointing very quickly. So I decided that tonight’s movie should be Men At Work. I was looking for something happy or funny or stupid that I had no residual memories of and I figured Men At Work would do the trick.

Sadly, I didn’t really laugh at much throughout the movie and found it to be a little disturbing. I guess that’s what happens when you watch movies that came out when you were younger as an adult.

One of the big things that made the movie less-than-happy for me was the ending. I’m not really sure there was any justice in the way the movie ended at all. The bad guy didn’t get arrested, and other than being soaked in chemically contaminated water, he didn’t lose his fortune or the company he owned, and there were no legal ramifications for the environmental disaster that he caused. It was a morally frustrating ending. The good guys didn’t improve their lives at all at the end of the movie, either. The pizza delivery guy who was kidnapped all night is likely to be single now because the radio DJ told his girlfriend to break up with him because he didn’t come home during the night. Carl and James didn’t randomly come into enough cash to quit their jobs as trash guys, and they’re probably going to lose their jobs anyway. They wrecked their garbage truck and may not have passed their probationary period with Luis. Plus, the cops that harassed them and then paid for it in a juvenile way later are likely to be rather upset with them and arrest them, if not something more drastic. They were originally caught speeding, then blowing through a red light, then holding a prisoner, then obstructing the law. The legal problems alone are going to bury Carl and James.

Maybe my definition of satisfactory endings has changed throughout the years. I’m seeing too many times where I wish there was more involved for the greater good or that justice would prevail more often than not. So in some ways, I guess this movie duplicates real life very well because there is no perfect ending. The bad guy walks away and the good guys live to fight or run away another day.

Overall, I would say that this movie is one that I will probably only re watch once every other decade.

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