Movie Review: Frozen

I went and saw Frozen yesterday, as it is a movie that I’ve heard good things about and was curious to see. I’m glad I did.

If you take away the other humans in the theater with me and the fact that my own movie-going experience was haunted by the ghosts of times not shared and destinies not written, I enjoyed the movie rather greatly.

I arrived at the theater around my usual 15 minutes early and the theater was mostly empty. This made me happy, as I didn’t really want to be surrounded by small humans and disrespectful adults. But as it got closer to actual show time, the theater filled up rather alarmingly. I don’t know that I’ve been to a movie that was that packed in a very, very long time. The small humans who wound up sitting next to me seem to have seen the movie before because they sang along with all of the songs and made comments throughout the movie. There were some very exciting previews, How To Train Your Dragon 2, the Boxtrolls (from the same people who did Coraline and ParaNorman), and Mr. Peabody and Sherman. The neatest part about the preview for Mr. Peabody and Sherman was that it had the song Pompeii from Bastille, one of the groups I listen to and enjoy.

I enjoyed the songs in the movie and I might have to investigate the soundtrack. Most of my music selection comes from soundtracks and soundtrack scores. The songs were rather good, but I’m not sure how frequently I can listen to songs with words like that. But looking it up on Amazon, it does look like a good portion of the score is also included.

I hadn’t actually seen much in the ways of previews for this movie. I saw a couple in the form of Olaf and Sven playing around on the ice for the carrot, but nothing at all about the plot or the story line. I’m glad that the previews I saw didn’t tell me anything about the movie because it made me more interested in the characters.

Typically, every movie has to have a villain of some sort. Or some sort of person or entity that the audience is supposed to dislike and not cheer for; someone with rather unpleasant aspirations. I have to admit that I didn’t actually see the real villain of the story coming. I mean, it’s Disney. And they tend to push the happily-ever-after style endings and such rather fiercely. So when the true villain shows up, I was a little shocked that Disney would have taken that turn. But it was a good kind of shock. I thought in the first part of the movie that they might have been trying to have Elsa be the villain because she’s the one with power and it causes some rather unfortunate consequences, but they showed her side of the story far too well for her to be able to pull of a true villain with any success. An accidental villain, maybe. But not a true villain.

The other part that really surprised me was the act of true love. It was at this point where I was the most frustrated with the small humans who sat next to me in the theater. The act of true love happened and the small human next to me said, “That’s not true love.” I just about wanted to smack her and her tiny little princess outfit and brainwashedness about what she thinks love is. She was what? Six? Maybe eight? How exactly does she think she knows anything about what real love is? Real love is sacrifice, not happy endings. True love is being willing to give up everything, even your life, for someone you love. In some cases, true love is even giving up the person you love. Say you love someone and they couldn’t ever possibly love you. Instead of being the villain and forcing yourself on them, you let them go because it’s what they want, because it’s what’s best for them, and because you know their life is better off without you in it. That’s what love is about. True love is about sacrifice. Not a perfect wedding at the end of a three-day period where the characters have just met, but knowing someone, seeing their faults, loving them for who they are, and being willing to sacrifice whatever you have to in order to keep them safe.

Overall, this was a good movie and I’m glad I went to go see it. I am certain I will add it to my collection when I have the ability to purchase it.

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