Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania

I recently picked up a blu-ray player and Hotel Transylvania was the first blu-ray movie I watched on it. I really believe that animated movies are a lot better on blu-ray, since the picture was absolutely amazing.

I liked the imagination and the design of this movie and was quite a bit in awe with the first scenes and the castle and forest. I’m not really someone who pays attention to the animators and the internal politics that go along with that, so I judge a movie solely on my own perception of it. There were a lot of really beautifully done animated scenes in the movie like the village and the castle and the first sunrise. I have a very deep respect for those individuals who have true artistic talent and can make films such as this.

I enjoyed the different look at “monsters” and their lives and I thought the story was one of those universal lines about how sometimes people go kind of wrong directions when attempting to protect the people in their lives who they love. My parents encouraged all of my adventures and so I don’t know what it would be like to have parents who would discourage me from going out and seeing the world, but I felt like this movie did a very good job of showing what kind of environment that would be. The movie showed how and why Dracula felt so strongly about Mavis and why he didn’t want her to leave, and I feel that theme can be transferred to a lot of parents and maybe their concern over sending their children out to see the world. The world is a big, scary place and you never know what might happen. But you also can’t be caged if you have the desire to fly.

Speaking of flying, I almost died of cute when Mavis turned into a bat and was flying around the room with her tiny pink helmet. And then when she was doing the crying bat eyes. Cute animals get me just about every time.

There were two really moving moments near the end of the movie and those got me a little teary-eyed. Mavis’ present from her mom and the story that went with it and the moment when Dracula confronts the humans at the festival. I think the partial lesson there is that you shouldn’t judge people based on what you think they are supposed to be. Dracula spent the whole movie being frustrated, angry, and hurt by the humans, but when he faced humans from the modern era, he had to reevaluate all the things he thought he believed.

The in-flight movie on the plane caused me huge amounts of laughter. And it’s still making me smile to think of it. I was highly amused and I’m not quite sure how they got away with putting that in the film. But they did and I laughed 🙂

I think the only thing that I didn’t find amusing about the movie was the music. I’ve never been much of a fan of rap and music of that nature so some of the songs I found more annoying than fun. While I may not really judge a movie based on its animations and the politics involved therein, I do find myself putting a lot of weight into the soundtrack. I think if I was able to take out all the musical numbers that had rapping elements that I would have scored this movie a little bit higher because it really was a fun movie that I enjoyed. Except I found myself actually annoyed by the music on three separate occasions, hoping that the musical numbers would be done sooner or get cut off or something.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. I’d rate it a three and kind of wish I had purchased it on sale, just because the music bothered me so much. But the story and characters were good, so I’m sure I’ll watch it again at some point, which is good since I did actually buy it 🙂

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