Movie Review: Pacific Rim

It surprises me that I haven’t yet done a review on Pacific Rim, since this is one of those movies and soundtracks that enjoy greatly.

To be honest, when Pacific Rim first came out, I didn’t really have any huge desire to go see it. I wasn’t really watching many movies around that time because I had just moved and didn’t feel like going out by myself, which meant that I didn’t really know anything about any of the movies that were in theaters.

You know how you randomly meet someone who you connect with on every level, and you connect so strongly that everyone around you can just FEEL it, even when they don’t know what they’re feeling? Yeah. I didn’t know what that was like, either. Now I know what that feels like and it’s a feeling that is unbelievably rare and something that I will never mistake if I ever feel it again. It’s intense, addictive, and powerful.

I can imagine that’s exactly what it would feel like to be drift-compatible with someone and to use giant robots to go face giant monsters in order to save the world. The passion and fire that can connect two people together adds drive and purpose to life. Take that passion and that connection and use it to save the world from giant alien monsters.

Pacific Rim was a visually beautiful movie. I enjoyed the technology and the details that went into creating the Jaegers and the Kaijus. I liked the different Jaegers and the different types of pilots for each different model. The Jaegers were designed from the inside out, with gears and working mechanics and all the things that would make machines of that size work. Then, the Jaegers were given the outside skins and the designs both inside and outside were all unique and created with the cultures and personality types of the pilots and main countries of the crew who put the Jaegers together. Even the names were unique, but I have to say that Gypsy Danger is just plain cool.

Probably my favorite aspect of the entire movie was the fact that this was not a romantic movie. Mako and Reily are both strong characters with their own stories, their own histories, and their own sense of purpose. Neither of them are just there as a romantic interest for anyone else, and that’s a bit rare in today’s movies. But the key and the part about this movie that really stuck with me was that the two characters are only really amazing when they are a team and working together. Sure, they’re great individually, but as a team? Unstoppable.

I also enjoyed the cross-cultural aspects of this movie. For once, you see the whole world involved in something that would actually require the world to deal with it. If giant monsters come out of a breach in space that occurs in the ocean, the monsters aren’t going to just destroy America or China or wherever. They’re going to go wherever they want and destroy whatever they want. Nationalities and man-made borders aren’t going to make any difference to giant alien monsters. So the fact that you get Australians working with Americans working with Chinese working with Japanese working with Siberians is pretty fantastic.

Overall, this is obviously a movie that I saw several times in the theater, then I bought the soundtrack, and I own the movie as well. By my own standards, that ranks this movie as a five, which is one that I will happily buy and watch repeatedly.


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1 Response to Movie Review: Pacific Rim

  1. ZJSimon says:

    It could have been SO bad, it really SHOULD have been so bad, but it really worked as a tribute rather than a mock up of little boys’ cartoons growing up.

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