Movie Review: Adventures In Babysitting

Adventures In Babysitting is one of those movies from my childhood. Some movies from the past should be left in the past, but this is not one of them.

The movie starts with Chris Parker getting ready for her big date, which means that she is singing and dancing in her room. This is a situation which I am very familiar, as I tend to do the same thing when left to my own devices. I definitely sing and dance around my home, though not usually because I am getting ready for any sort of date. Usually, it’s more along the lines of just having a good day and thinking happy thoughts šŸ™‚

So next, the movie turns towards the Anderson house where Sarah and Brad are preparing for the impending arrival of their babysitter, Chris. This movie wins every single awesome award from my childhood, as well as from my current life, because of the portrayal of Sarah. I don’t know how old Sarah is supposed to be, but she is probably under the ageĀ of 10. When the audience is first introduced to Sarah, she is coloring pictures of Thor. Her entire room is decorated in Thor posters and paraphernalia and she is dressed like Thor, complete with silver helmet and plastic hammer. She was a fangirl before it was cool or acceptable. I mean, think about it. This movie came out in the 80s. Comic books and things of that nature didn’t become popular or cool or whatever for quite some time and yet, here is this young girl who is not only Thor’s biggest fan, but her parents appear to encourage her interests and allow her to do whatever she wants. So not only do you have a young girl in the 80s who is following her own interests, but she’s also completely supported by her parents who appear to be pretty well off.

It’s easy to see why this was one of the motivational movies from my childhood and it makes me kind of happy that there were movies like this to influence me early on in my life. Even though I was probably too young to fully get all the neat things about this movie, it clearly made an impact in my life, and a positive one at that.

So then the movie goes on to driving on the expressway without a spare tire and what happens when you leave your wallet at home. The night goes progressively worse for them and it’s all really interesting because it bordersĀ on theĀ plausible and becomes more amusing as it goes.

This movie then goes on to remind me about how things are different these days. There are a lot of mentions of checkbooks and the whole adventure starts because Chris doesn’t have enough money to pay for a cab for Brenda to return from her running away from home, and it would have cost $40. The value of money has changed so drastically since my childhood.

One of the other fun things about this movie is the music. They have to sing the blues and they stumble into a party. With the exception of the first song in the movie, none of the rest of the songs are ones that were huge or ones that I recognize from those days. But they are fun songs. I have mentioned several times previously that I judge a lot of movies based on their soundtracks and maybe I am unduly influenced towards movies with music I enjoy. All the music was totally dance around in my house worthy šŸ™‚

The big part of this movie that really motivates me is near the end where the team heads down to get their car from Dawson’s garage and Dawson isn’t going to help them out and Sarah appeals to Dawson by telling him that he is Thor and it’s his job to help people. This is one of those times when having faith in someone shows huge benefits. Sarah absolutely believes that Dawson is Thor. And to be fair, he does look quite a bit like Thor. And Sarah’s belief in Dawson changes how he reacts to them and eventually things work out. She tells him that he’s not helping them out because he’s wearing a baseball cap instead of his special silver helmet. So she gives him hers and things are saved.

Overall, this movie is fun and amusing and light-hearted and everything I needed for tonight. I’m glad I own it and I actually rewatch it rather frequently, so it’s either a high four or a five on my rating scale.


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1 Response to Movie Review: Adventures In Babysitting

  1. I feel like nobody has seen this! Definitely a movie from my childhood that was watched a million times in my household. I remember I was always so embarrassed for the characters when they had to sing the blues. Your post just makes me wanna watch it again!

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