Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

I had the privilege of seeing Guardians of the Galaxy today with family and had a very enjoyable afternoon with it.

This movie was pretty much exactly what I was expecting. A little ridiculous, a little amusing, a little heart-warming, and a little retro. You know all this going in just based on the previews.

There were a couple of things that really stuck out with me. The first was the sheer beauty of space. I really liked how the ships were designed and how the movement through space looked on the screen. But above and beyond all of that, I really loved all the screenshots of space and I was thinking about how amazing it would be to get some of those as still-shots and use them to decorate my potential future dream cabin. It made me wish that I could be a space pilot and learn how to fly around the universe.

The movie had a talking raccoon that saved more lives than Superman did in Man of Steel. That raccoon showed more humanity than the superhero protector of our planet. Rocket was also a really good translator for Grout and that made the movie really interesting to me because I wondered about the back story there.

The idea of spending 26 years listening to the same mix tape kind of makes me nervous. I do tend to listen to the same things over and over and over again, but I don’t know that I could only listen to one 90 minute mix tape for 26 years straight without having anything else. Which then made me wonder if Peter Quill ever went back to Earth just to get new music and what kind of transition he would have if he returned to Earth now.

The movie didn’t take itself too seriously and had a lot of fun with people like me with a good bit of comic knowledge that spanned several decades of experience. It also included some great tidbits from the rest of the Marvel Studios movies and storylines going on right now. I liked those references and I feel that Marvel is doing a great job with combining and matching a lot of their stories.

Overall, this was an enjoyable movie and is something I would watch as a brain candy movie. I think it’s a solid three on my rating scale and I will likely purchase it when it comes out.

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