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Book Review: Higher, Further, Faster by Liza Palmer

I think I’d seen mentions of Higher, Further, Faster (Young Adult 249 pages) by Liza Palmer somewhere on the internet recently so I picked it up while at the bookstore last week. I started it and finished it immediately upon … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Captain Marvel

I went and saw Captain Marvel last night. This is NOT a spoiler-free review! If you haven’t seen the movie, best to avoid this review until you’ve watched it yourself. The theater was sold out for the showing before the … Continue reading

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cblgblog: why-i-love-comics: the origin of Captain Carter & Becky Exiles #8 (2018)written by Saladin Ahmedart by Joe Quinones, Joe Rivera, Jordan Gibson, Chris Sotomayor, & Muntsa Vicente @minerfromtarn Source: why-i-love-comics

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softtonys: mcu meme | [7/8] characters↳ shuri “How many times do I have to teach you, just because something works does not mean it cannot be improved?”“You are teaching me? What do you know?”“More than you!” Source: softtonys

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dark-haired-hamlet: A midnight tipsy thought: If Thanos got rid of half of all life in his little Snap of Doom, does that include like…*all* life….including micro-organisms??? Bc like…your mitochondria are not part of your DNA, they’re a separate organism entirely … Continue reading

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vivalski: peggy-carter: 1lg-prvbs3-5-6: queenjuniper: yarnzipangirl: sadpresidents: autasha: steve rogers was an irish-american with disabilities growing up in 30s new york in a gay neighborhood and some people actually believe he would be conservative “with disabilities”? what disability does he have … Continue reading

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Scenes I need…

lyricfrost13: polymauk: fangirlfreakingout: runnerfivestillalive: artemxmendacium: Peter Parker: -on meeting Loki, offers his hand- Hi, I’m Peter! Loki: -shakes his hand- Loki of Asgard. Peter: Aren’t you like…a bad guy? Loki: It varies from moment to moment. Peter: So like…on a … Continue reading

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lauramkaye: marloviandevil: alisgravenil1and2: afro-elf: afro-elf: thor (2011) is an interesting movie to me because i think, despite a few flaws, the reason it never really took off the way iron man or cap:tfa did was because the audience it reached … Continue reading

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hydok: dramaticspoon: doctor-seamonster: vamaena: That time Aunt May poisoned the Chameleon when he was disguised as Peter. I never saw the last page and for years l thought that aunt may literally killed a man. Well, she kinda did. Between … Continue reading

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pixierosegarden: thefingerfuckingfemalefury: Headcanon: The reason whenever Deadpool visits the X-mansion it’s just Colossus, Yukio and Negasonic chilling out there Is because thanks to Chris Claremont among others a good 70% of the X-men’s rogues gallery is made up of hot … Continue reading

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