Movie Review: Kronk’s New Groove

While movie shopping, I found a box set with both the Emperor’s New Groove and Kronk’s New Groove, which I’d never seen or heard anything about. Since I enjoy the Emperor’s New Groove so much, I figured a movie about Kronk could also be highly amusing.

The movie starts out a bit more depressing than I thought it would, with the destruction of Kronk’s dreams. As it turns out, Kronk sets up his own restaurant and he spends his time cooking and helping others. I thought that was a great way for Kronk to wind up, because it was kind of showing how even simple dreams can be achieved and how happy a simple life can be.

I thought the idea for the movie was a little unsettling because Kronk is willing to give up his happy life in order get approval from his father. As much as I understand that parental approval is really important in a lot of people’s lives and how ridiculously Kronk explained his father’s disapproval, it was a little bit much for me to stomach. And then how he got his Chipmunks so focused on winning that they lose sight of why they became Chipmunks in the first place. And that made me sad. As soon as he starts moving away from things and people who make him happy, things start to go wrong for him.

This is one of those movies where there is an obvious moral to the story, which goes along the lines of how you have to do what makes you happy and that living your life in a way that is designed to make other people happy or proud of you will only lead to disappointment. So the moral may have come off a little heavy-handed, but the movie was fun and entertaining. I especially liked how they used the entire original cast and how even Emperor Kuzco made an appearance and had some fun.

Overall, this movie is not as good as the Emperor’s New Groove, but I’m still happy I bought it. I think it’ll be a low three on my rating scale just because I don’t like people back out on their dreams at any time.


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