2017 in Review and 2018 Ideas

While I am normally very good about posting my year in review and my goals for the upcoming year fairly close to the actual beginning of the new year, after the last six months I’ve had, I decided to spend the first week of the new year relaxing and reading and working on some other projects.

I think the only real summary I have from 2017 right now is that it was an absolute mess. Work was unbelievably busy, though I did accomplish a lot of things for all of the people within my field that increased opportunities for success, things haven’t stopped moving. Every day at work is nine, ten, or more hours a day, sitting at my desk, trying to fix and repair things all by myself. Some work things happened at the end of the year that made things extra stressful for me and I’m really just going to pretend like none of it ever happened.

These were my goals from 2017, and how well I accomplished them:

  1. I’d like to read a book a week and post a review of it. This should get me 52 newly read books at the end of 2017. I epically failed at this, only managing reviews for 21 books. I attribute this to how much my work life took out of me from August all the way through December.
  2. I’d like to watch a movie a week and post a review about it. Which should also give me 52 movie reviews at the end of 2017. I epically failed at this goal with only 12 movies reviewed, as well, and for the same reason. I just didn’t have time to watch movies.
  3. Surveyors and Academy should both be ready to be pitched in June. So this didn’t happen. While I had the best of intentions with making progress on this, everything in my life was put on hold for the previously mentioned issues.
  4. I intend on attending In Your Write Mind (IYWM) in June and hopefully even teaching a module. Ha! Finally, something I actually managed to do! I did attend IYWM and I taught a module called “Sexless Love, Passion for Everyone!” which was about having different relationships in stories and not falling victim to some of the more harmful tropes.
  5. I’d like to travel somewhere in the world and have a new adventure. This also did not happen. Though, I did spend three weeks at the beach and that was really interesting, so maybe I get partial credit for this goal.
  6. I am hoping and working towards moving up at work. Another epic failure. I was not one of those chosen to move up. So it goes.
  7. I think it would be great if I continued my workouts and maybe even lower my body fat percentage even more. I did decrease my body fat percentage by another 3% so that’s apparently another win.
  8. I’d like to continue to place about 10% of my earnings into savings for my retirement cabin during 2017. I definitely did a lot with my financial management this year.
  9. I’d like to attend at least one convention in 2017, not including IYWM. I absolutely did this! I attended ConFluence in Pittsburgh and had a great time.
  10. Above all things, I would very much like for Adventure Buddy to give our friendship another chance. “When all seems lost in the war of light, look to the stars, for hope burns bright!” (Blue Lantern oath).

Here’s what I’m looking at for 2018:

  1. I’d like to read a book a week and post a review of it. That should get me 52 new book reviews by the end of 2018.
  2. I’d also like to post a movie review a week, for 52 movie reviews. I’m not really good with getting enough movie reviews, but if I’m reading a lot, I’m usually okay with that.
  3. I definitely need viable drafts of both Academy and Surveyors and I’d really like them ready to pitch in June. My actual deadline is actually 30 March 2018 to have a viable draft of Academy so we’ll see how well that goes.
  4. I would very much like to attend IYWM again this year and this time, I want to teach a module about clothing and weaponry.
  5. I’d like to be selected to move up at work.
  6. I want to continue my workouts and drop some more weight and body fat percentages.
  7. I definitely want to keep putting 10% or so into my retirement efforts, with the goal of being ready to buy land or a house sometime in 2019.
  8. I have a booklist prepared from a variety of sources that all have Asexual characters, sometimes even the protagonists, and I’d like to read at least one of those per month and write up a review for it. I’ll do another separate post on that later, so if you want to read along, feel free!
  9. I am definitely going to continue cleaning, organizing, and shredding old paperwork. My goal is to get down to only two boxes for official paperwork, which is saying quite a lot.
  10. I continue to maintain hope that someday, the 2013 Adventure Buddy will give our friendship another chance. That individual has a birthday this week and I hope that wherever they are and whatever they’re doing that their life is filled with happiness, laughter, friendship, family, joy, shenanigans, and love.

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  1. kingdylbag13 says:

    Great post!

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