Halfway through 2018

So I decided to revisit my goals for 2018 and see where I’m at with my year so far.

Here’s what I’m looking at for 2018:
1. I’d like to read a book a week and post a review of it. That should get me 52 new book reviews by the end of 2018.
2. I’d also like to post a movie review a week, for 52 movie reviews. I’m not really good with getting enough movie reviews, but if I’m reading a lot, I’m usually okay with that.
3. I definitely need viable drafts of both Academy and Surveyors and I’d really like them ready to pitch in June. My actual deadline is actually 30 March 2018 to have a viable draft of Academy so we’ll see how well that goes.
4. I would very much like to attend IYWM again this year and this time, I want to teach a module about clothing and weaponry.
5. I’d like to be selected to move up at work.
6. I want to continue my workouts and drop some more weight and body fat percentages.
7. I definitely want to keep putting 10% or so into my retirement efforts, with the goal of being ready to buy land or a house sometime in 2019.
8. I have a booklist prepared from a variety of sources that all have Asexual characters, sometimes even the protagonists, and I’d like to read at least one of those per month and write up a review for it. I’ll do another separate post on that later, so if you want to read along, feel free!
9. I am definitely going to continue cleaning, organizing, and shredding old paperwork. My goal is to get down to only two boxes for official paperwork, which is saying quite a lot.
10. I continue to maintain hope that someday, the 2013 Adventure Buddy will give our friendship another chance. That individual has a birthday this week and I hope that wherever they are and whatever they’re doing that their life is filled with happiness, laughter, friendship, family, joy, shenanigans, and love.

1/2/8. Every year, I try to review 52 books and 52 movies during the year. As it’s now halfway through 2018, I should have read 26 books and watched 26 movies. I have so far only read and reviewed 20 books and 8 movies. Normally, I don’t mind if I don’t get anywhere close to my movie goal, so long as I’m making progress on my reading goal. This year, I also wanted to read at least one Asexual book per month and that goal has, sadly, also not been going as well as I had hoped. I made it through March and then my book schedule was derailed in April, May, and June. I still have hopes that I can catch up, but we’ll see.

3/6. I do not have viable drafts of either Academy nor Surveyors in any semblance of positive order, but I do have a firm deadline of 01 August 2018 to have the entire Academy story done and with the Developmental Editor and that deadline absolutely will be met. I’m actually working on editing, revising, and rewriting Academy right now and I’m so far about 122 pages in, which is huge progress. I’ve also learned that I can edit while on the treadmill, which means that both editing and working out are on my list of tasks I now enjoy and look forward to. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this story because I’m writing as story I want to read.

4. I absolutely did attend IYWM this year, and I taught a module on Women’s Weapons! It was fantastic! I also attended several other modules that were incredibly informative. I should probably write up a con review at some point but I really haven’t had the energy for it.

5. I was absolutely selected to move up at work! I’m very excited about this because I worked really hard to get this opportunity. While I haven’t actually moved up yet, I hope it will be soon. It’s just a matter of time 🙂

7. I am doing very well with my financial management and am still on track with those goals.

9. I continue to make solid progress on getting rid of my old paperwork, so this goal has a great chance of also being completed by the end of the year.

10. Boy, howdy. This goal is one that I’m not really sure about. This time of year is a bit rough for me because it’s the anniversary of the first weekend we spent just hanging out and watching movies and stuff. I like to think that I’ve made a lot of good progress towards becoming a better person but I do spend a lot of time missing someone who left my life. While that individual was right to leave, I still miss them and sometimes I even allow myself to daydream about a life where the things I write are turned into graphic novels by the most talented artist I’ve ever met. But I have no way of knowing where I stand in that individual’s life, whether I’m the villain of the story, a forgotten memory, or a missed and absent friend. And it’s something I’ll never know. They don’t owe me an explanation and it’s not my choice whether we ever talk again or not. Maybe next year, as my goal for 2019, I won’t keep hoping that things will be mended and for us to be back in each other’s lives, even if it is just to make fantastic graphic novels together. Maybe next year, I’ll set up an adventure goal of a different nature.

Overall, I think I am pretty satisfied with where I am with my goals for right now. I still have half a year to finish them out and I’m pretty sure I can keep making a healthy dent and maybe even finish them all! Well, except for 10. I think 10 is going to have to go into the pile of hopeless daydreams that are completely unattainable and need to be placed in the box of “happy memories with no basis in reality”. We all have to grow up at some point, I guess.

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