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Things bookworms are upset about

celtic-heartbeat: – sequels coming out in a different size than the first book – damaged book mail – that we can’t read through our tbr pile before we die – that time the Library of Alexandria got burned down – … Continue reading

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as-warm-as-choco: Before the computing era, ILM was the master of oil matte painting, making audiences believe that some of the sets in the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogy were real when they weren’t. They were the work of … Continue reading

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twunkmichaelmell: when people yell at retail workers/waitstaff/etc. for no reason

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osheamobile: ghoulvalentines: apoeticmindset: savordance-lifesupport: faythinthemusic: I want to be really clear about something: Planned Parenthood has done more to prevent abortion than the pro-life movement ever has. Yup, preventing abortion by giving abortions. Makes sense! No you fucking crusty nutsack … Continue reading

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