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bitterfucked: breastforce: how to tell if your worldbuilding is Bad i didn’t wanna reblog this just cos it doesn’t deserve to get seen but: a) dwarves don’t share the gender binary that humans use, heterosexual versus homosexual is meaningless to … Continue reading

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notthegodofknives: thegestianpoet: collaterlysisters: funimationentertainment: field-field-of-koopers: It doesn’t end there: another addition do you ever just like. feel unbelievably proud of someone you’d never even heard of previously oh my god Name a better real life character arc

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Resources For Writing Sketchy Topics

sillyedboy: wordsnstuff: Medicine A Study In Physical Injury Comas Medical Facts And Tips For Your Writing Needs Broken Bones Burns Unconsciousness & Head Trauma Blood Loss Stab Wounds Pain & Shock All About Mechanical Injuries (Injuries Caused By Violence) Writing … Continue reading

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cuteness–overload: Heyyyy why is there a hole in my flower garde…..Oh! Source: http://bit.ly/2Leyc7D Source: cuteness–overload

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tirks: artisticdreamer: blue-violet153: airam213: mochi903: crunchyponeh: louberrypop: ask-strawberry-and-friends: asukadre: ursula395: akabane–chan: official-funky-fresh: rosiechanx: lightbringing-fallen-angel: targaryen-fallen-angel: destiels-fallen-angel: riskpig: mychippedbutt: xkurohondax: phantomhive-brat: makorraforevafangirl: thesoccerrebel: Internet friends. Better than the ones you have in real life. this is too accurate I hug each … Continue reading

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witchyaesx: lezcorp: witchyaesx: Aphrodite Was At Pride She was marching with the lesbians, decked in shades of pink and “my girlfriend doesn’t know I’m a lesbian” shirt. They all lock arms, laughing, sweaty and covered in body paint and glitter, … Continue reading

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No one ever wanted to know what I thought. Sometimes, people would say, “What do you think you’re doing?” But that just meant “Stop.” They didn’t actually wanna know my thought process. John Allerdyce (via incorrectx-menquotes) Source: incorrectx-menquotes

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john-mulaney: Love, Simon + Book Quotes Source: bo-larson

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