what if writers did streams like artists did

I think it was a Monty Python sketch that showed an author writing with a commentary like a sports commentator.

“And he’s started writing… no, he’s just written his name at the top of the page. He’s written ‘the’, a very strong opening, used in several of his books. Oh, no, he’s crossed it out again.”

  • “Ah, look, she’s opening the thesaurus again … perhaps she’s realized she used the same word six times in two paragraphs”
  • “Now that sentence is lovely, an excellent example of her style in – oh, no, she’s deleting it, never mind”
  • “This scene is clearly over, yet the brave author forges onward regardless…”
  • “She’s really picking up steam now, the words just flowing out from her – she’s stopped midsentence for some reason and is opening Buzzfeed”
  • “Choosing to google ‘which countries are nonextradition countries’ is a risk but it’s one some authors must take…”

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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