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elsilmarillionno: Irmo, by skvorr @elf-in-a-mask https://www.deviantart.com/skvorr/art/Irmo-commission-760280932

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telltaleclerk: frontier001: auntiope-3000: telltaleclerk: I JUST learned that this shirt cost them $10,000 to put into this movie… but they refused to compromise because they were like: he’s the hugest Golden Girls fan… this has to make the movie… so … Continue reading

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transhamlet: spitblaze: me externally: lit teachers arent pulling text analysis out of their asses me internally: the reason people and especially students like to blame English for seemingly making up meanings where they cant see it is because literature is … Continue reading

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catchymemes: Ironic Moments Dump Source: catchymemes

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fierceawakening: jolly-ob-saint-nixilis: pinkcheesegreenghost: kick-neckbeard-ass: scribble-wizard: dollsahoy: pinkcheesegreenghost: dynastylnoire: crime-she-typed: the-real-eye-to-see: We know she’s just mad cause they have more melanin than she’s used to seeing Lol I used to work at target and know for a fact that that’s literally … Continue reading

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theloa: lucentgallivanter: benfoldsone: this is some horror movie shit #Jesus is a reverse-Dracula #vis a vis appearing in photos Examining the other evidence, we find: Feeds other people his own blood An affinity for crucifixes Not only able to cross … Continue reading

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If you need to talk, https://www.7cups.com/ has free, anonymous chat. Source: hopoksia

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emmaswatson: Jurassic Park (1993), dir. Steven Spielberg

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murdershegoat: murdershegoat: this photo looks like it’s from an action comedy about a rich country heiress who doesnt know how common folk dress played by melissa benoist who’s being threatened with kidnapping and is put under the protection of gay … Continue reading

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