So people need to talk about Frozen Heart more okay?



I mean come on, It’s such a fucking amazing song.

Born of cold and winter air
And mountain rain combining


Elsa was born with it. She was born with the winter air inside her, and mountain rain is snow. She was born with it inside her, all of these powers inside her.

“Born with the powers or cursed?”

“Born with…”

So from the very start it tells us she is born with it, and all of this is in her.

This icy force both foul and fair
Has a frozen heart worth mining





Look at this baby, this little sad heart broken and scared baby.

The first bit, the people think she is foul:

wicked or immoral.
“murder most foul”

They see her as dangerous when her powers are shown, and she thinks she’s dangerous. And yet she is fair which means a beautiful.
Because she is beautiful, but she views herself as something wrong and wicked. Not worthy.
And “Has a frozen heart worth mining“ She is worth it. She might not see it, but Anna does. She is worth working to, to try and break down the ice walls she’s put around herself. It’s why she is so hopeful for Elsa. Because she is worth mining down to get to.

So cut through the heart, cold and clear

She has all of this, that if you looked, you’d see. But her heart is pure, it’s always been clear and pure as her ice. It’s on her sleeves as much as she tries to keep it hidden. Her ice shows her emotions as red and purple, yellow and clear blue.

She’s always loved so hard, and how much more pure can you get than loving to the point she even shuts herself away to keep others safe- To keep ANNA safe.

Strike for love and strike for fear

This part is kind of self explanatory

Strike for love


Strike for fear


See the beauty, sharp and sheer


Her ice is beautiful, it’s clear. As Kristoff said it’s flawless. There are sharp edges, there are sheer slopes and curves. It is her. And she is her ice.

Split the ice apart


Separate the ice that kept them apart, open the door, spread them apart and finally get to her after so long.

And break the frozen heart


Sorry for showing this one but I kinda have to. I mean, it does break her heart. It makes her realise that she was causing more harm than good by keeping self locked away and apart.

[The weird bit of the song –
Hyup! Ho! Watch your step! Let it go!
Hyup! Ho! Watch your step! Let it go!]









Ice has a magic, can’t be controlled


Yeah you jerk, you can’t control her, no one can control her powers but her.

Stronger than one, stronger than ten
Stronger than a hundred men! Hyup!


She is strong, and had Han’s not stopped her, had she not been so damn scared – she probably would have killed them. And anyone else that dared step in front of her.

And we all know it repeats itself, which is common for songs.
Beware the frozen heart.

And this is where it turns to our heroine, her sister. The one who is strong in her own way. Who’s heart is pure, and despite being frozen and cold, she loves so strongly.




Beware the power of the frozen heart that has love far beyond what can be.

And it has a double meaning.



Because Hans is cold, he is the one with the frozen heart in the most evil sense and he nearly kills everyone. He was so evil and stuck in power he was willing to do the worst things to get it.

So really, this entire song tells the story we love so much in one song. And no one realises it until the end. And that is amazing. I have many feels for this song.

This is one of the only really good breakdowns of “Frozen Heart” that I’ve seen on here. Love it, and especially like that you included Hans at the end – because personally, I think the song could be about both of them, but in two very different ways. Awesome thoughts here!

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