more than that : if you see a girl being harassed, she won’t always have that reflex. So YOU go and tell her : “Hiiii (insert random name here) I didn’t see you ! what are you doing here ? So glad to see you, come sit with me”. I promise you the girl won’t think twice before going with you.

I was with friends in a late night tramway once, everyone was drunk and tired, and there was a girl all alone in the seat facing ours. She minded her own business, finishing the sauce of an empty french fries carton. Two drunk guys show up and sit on each side of her, telling her that she shouldn’t eat that, that she will get fat, that it would be a shame to let such a pretty body go fat, and a various number of disgusting things. So I said “hey Julie, why are you letting those douchebags annoy you, come back, sit with us.” She looked at me and immediately changed sides to sit with us. The guys were surprised, saying “she’s your friend ?!” and I just replied “yes, and you’re annoying her right now.” I stayed with her until she got out of the tramway safe.

When you’re being harassed it’s sometimes very hard to think straight and find a quick way to react, so I encourage everybody to do this if you see another woman being harassed. Pretend you know her, and that she’s your friend. Let her know you’re here to side with her and protect her. Help girls be safe.


About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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