Yes! Thank you for this great vid. Please pay attention people!!!

2019 is gonna be a shit show 

If you wait until November to vote, it’s already too late. You have to vote in your state’s primaries.

Here’s where to register:

Also, you need to vote in your state’s primary elections.

07 August 2018: Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Washington State Primary
07 August 2018: Ohio CD 12 Special General
07 August 2018: Michigan CD 13 Special Primary
11 August 2018: Hawaii State Primary
14 August 2018: Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, Wisconsin State Primary
14 August 2018: Minnesota Special Election
21 August 2018: Alaska, Wyoming State Primary
25 August 2018: Guam Territory Primary
28 August 2018: Arizona, Florida State Primary
28 August 2018: Oklahoma State Primary Runoff
04 September 2018: Massachusetts State Primary
06 September 2018: Delaware State Primary
11 September 2018: New Hampshire State Primary
12 September 2018: Rhode Island State Primary
13 September 2018: New York State Primary
06 November 2018: Michigan CD 13 Special Election
04 December 2018: Arkansas General Runoff
08 December 2018: Louisiana General Runoff
08 January 2019: Georgia General Runoff


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