Some people have asked me for Shoot art prints (which I don’t have) but I want to do something for Pride Month so I’m putting my comics together into a small book. It’s a selection of some (most?) of my Shoot comics which you’ve seen on my blog but this time printed on paper.

  • Sign up here if you want a copy:
  • Price: 15 EUR (includes free shipping)
  • All profits will go to Trans Lifeline. Check them out (and support their work). 
  • This is a limited time thing which means you can sign up until the end of May (2018). Exact shipping date TBA but it’s in June (also 2018).

 Please share this with anyone who might be interested!!


I’ve emailed everyone who signed up. Check your messages! Some addresses bounced so if you didn’t get an email but should have, let me know.

ALSO. Free shipping is applied automatically but my store still lists paid shipping options so make sure the free shipping option is selected. If you end up paying for shipping I’ll add that to the donations since I can’t refund shipping costs alone. 

To those who missed signing up, you can now buy this comic from my webstore:


Please share/reblog! THANKS

Good news everyone, we’ve raised 1742 EUR / about 2000 USD for Trans Lifeline! THAT’S RIGHT YOU DID THIS!!


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