Being part of the social justice culture or the “stay woke” culture, I usually thought that the main purposes were to:

1) Unlearn what was taught to you

2) Learn what was never taught to you

3) Educate those around you with the knowledge you have

But you see…

You will come across people that will ask questions that may sound problematic but they just genuinely are confused about the matter and just want to learn

I had a white girl, sweet as hell, that was curious about why White people can’t say the N-word but Black people can say it.

Now… If this was Black Tumblr/Twitter, y’all wouldve ate her alive and spit her out. Like, why would you ask a question like that????

I didnt take any offense to the question, because again, you have to educate.

I broke it down simply…

“Bitch was a term used by men against women… If you call your female friend ‘my bitch’, theres nothing wrong with that… but if a guy did the same thing to his female friend, that wouldnt not look too good…”

Then she understood! She doesnt like when men call her or other women bitches but she noticed how women call each other bitches (almost) all the time in a friendly context.

Some SJW ppl would resort to just straight ridicule. Like relentlessly roast you, and you just wanted to ask a question, get your answer, and just go.

I understand some people would come outta nowhere with smartass comments and deserve that roasting, im 120% for that, but yall really need to learn the difference between those 2 groups of people.

I remember saying/doing something problematic not too long ago. This guy just went off on me, called me stupid, and vaguely explained why what I did was problematic. When I asked for a more in-depth answer as to why it was an issue, he didnt want to explain, he didnt have the “energy” to explain but had plenty of energy to say what i did was wrong and i was stupid to do it.

To this day, I STILL dont know exactly what was wrong but I am avoiding that action for sure.

To cut it shortly for yall,

Some people genuinely dont know what they do/say was wrong. Some ask questions to learn and educate themselves. Relax…

Ridicule or slander shouldnt be a first option to everything, if anything, its more counterproductive. Not to mention yall do this for notes and attention on social media.


This shits still relevant

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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