Are you tired? Bored? On enough pain meds to incapitate a horse? May I recommend: The Bear Cams

The Bear Cams are live steams from Katmai National Park in Alaska. There are 6 livecams, 3 highlight reels, and 1 meditation reel. There are live Q&As with park officials, a very dedicated comment section with people who can seemingly magically identify which bears are which, blogs, weather, etc. 

But most importantly: Bears. 


Baby bear!


…Fish? (Sometimes with bears.) 

If you’re not interested in bears (who are, at the end of the day, bears and thus prone to eating salmon in gruesome ways and occasionally killing other bears), explore.org has a number of other livecams such as: turkeys, sheep, kittens, dogs, alligators, and jellyfish. But the bears are in peak season right now, and they have a fat bear competition later on in the year, so I highly recommend them. 

I especially like the “zen cams” of sunsets or waterfalls and the like, very soothing.

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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