$80 Billion








That’s the expected cost to taxpayers over 10 years from Obama’s proposed free tuition plan, the White House admitted Friday.

That’s about the cost of 8 months of war in Iraq. Seems like a much better investment of my tax dollars to me.

I bolded

It’s amazing how 80 billion isn’t worth mentioning when it’s about killing people, but is suddenly a huge, horrifying barrier when it’s about improving lives.

I’d still pay for it this. I’d be the one good thing my taxes would be going towards. Cause it sure ain’t going to infrastructure or schools at this rate »

#is this number meant to scare me? #80 billion over ten years #so 8 billion a year #divided by the total number of tax payers in america #in 2013 there were 242 million taxpayers #so going off that number#it would cost the average american taxpayer $33 a year #wow so scary what a horrible way to spend $33

amen. this is, what, dinner and drinks at a mediocre sit-down restaurant for two? I’d spare it.

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