Sometimes people go too far with certain things. Like when someone said that there is absolutely no room for someome that just gives their animals away when they move in their life and I said “yessss except for when they have to because of financial situations and then it’s their responsibility to find the perfect home where they are kept healthy and happy” and he said “no there are no excuses” like commom dude. My parents were married and we had 5 horses, 3 dogs, and 2 cats but when they got divorced we couldn’t afford food for ourselves let alone THEM. We HAD to give them away and you bet your ass my mom was safety inspector expert to every home we gave an animal to. She still checks up on them to this day and that was over 10 years ago. We had no other choice.

Another time I was having fun with my makeup and I watched all these satisfying videos of people cutting up makeup and i was like “i want to try that”. I had an old ass gross ass Jeffree Star highlighter and I decided to cut it up for fun, mind you that highlighter has fingerprints and probably spit in it and had long hit pan. I also do not support Jeffree Star so it was a very satisfying experience. I lost two friends that day that were absolutely livid that I didn’t donate it. Like you FOR REAL expect me to donate a NASTY CRUSTY USED PROBABLY INFECTED highlighter to a homeless shelter???? If I was to donate makeup I would walk my ass out and buy new normal makeup. Not overly used expensive makeup. “Someone needy will appreciate this HAHA”. Reminds me of the time I volunteered at a homeles shelter and some person donated caviar. Thats right. CAVIAR. like wtf???? What crazy thought was going through their head?? People need healthy and sustainable foods not caviar like bye. If you really want to help people in need donate dog food and LL Bean jackets (free lifetime warranty guarantee), canned veggies, underwear, pads, tampons, razors, NEW makeup not nasty shit.

Also when people get offened when theres pre-chopped veggies in plastic containers like I understand it’s not good for the environment but it’s super convenient for people with disabilities!! Maybe invent something like reusable containers where people can scoop pre chopped veggies and they can just weigh at check out.

Also when white feminists talk solely about menstruating like wake up not all women have vaginas. Or how white people think that black hair care is for them and you see them offended when black hair products and techniques fucking ruin their hair.

Sometimes people piss me off. And then theyre never like “oooooohhhh shit i didnt think of that” they have too much pride from their bullshit savior complex to open their eyes.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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