I’m watching Doomsday Preppers. These people have an unbelievably bleak view of humanity, like, I’m just saying my family survived the complete disintegration of Lebanese civil society without shanking their neighbours for water or stockpiling hand grenades.

If your reaction to a foreseen future economic collapse is to set traps and stockpile guns to kill your neighbours who want some of your huge food stock, you are broken and I have no idea how to fix you.

^^^ The ability to cooperate with others is an evolutionary advantage 

My husband and I used to think we were “preppers,” until we discovered that for most people, “prepping” means hoarding guns and ammo and bear traps and nonsense like that, and planning to turn on other survivors in the event of some society-destroying cataclysm. And here we were geeking out about woodworking and first aid and sustainable edibles foraging and water purification and subsistence farming and how best to set up an agrarian community to maximize square footage.

Turns out we’re just prepared solarpunks. I think I’m fine with that. Miss me with the toxic, gun-crazy, neighbor-hating Prepper culture and join me in my garden of native wild edibles.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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