everyone log off bcus absolutely none of u will want to hear what i have to say next

shrek is an inherently lesbian narrative


u grow up persecuted & are told that who u are is ugly dirty & wrong and u hold ppl at a distance bcus of it. u build a life of dedicated solitude and struggle to find a place in any community even a community of marginalized outsiders bcus ur so used to loneliness, but u still feel kinship with them under everything. u meet a girl who u think is beautiful and right and it turns out shes both those things but shes also like u and that could be a good thing. donkey and shreks friendship is obviously gay/lesbian solidarity

also like when he sits down to the dinner for one plus martini & candle? dykery

i can literally keep going. how he only finds public acceptance through making himself entertainment (see hannah gadsbys nanette for more). how his anthem is a joan jett song. u all thought this was a joke but i dont play around

lesbians are like onions

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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