gay books that aren’t Gay Books, an elaboration






i made a post like this about six months ago but i’ve realised a) that as a wlw, there are literally No books about wlw on there, and b) ive read loads more books that are Fab and deserve a place on there

so to fit on this list, there are only 2 conditions

  1. there must be lgbt+ characters in the book
  2. said characters’ entire plotline must not revolve around them being lgbt+. this can be referenced, but they have to have wider development. eg: trc is acceptable as even though ronan goes through a process of accepting he’s gay, his arc is also involving accepting other (spoilery) things about himself

feel free to add your own as i’ve not read nearly enough fiction about wlw, as long as it’s not just to do with being lgbt as this is a list for people who want to see themselves in fantasy, crime, mystery, adventure, school novels specifically without having All the focus on being lgbt+.


  • carry on by rainbow rowell. this is the first book i ever really read where the sexuality of the characters wasn’t the most important thing about them. it isn’t for everyone (read: blatant harry potter references) but i did and still adore it. mlm relationship, queer & gay. 5 stars.
  • the raven cycle by maggie steifvater. the representation is nowhere near as good as some of the others on this list but it’s this high up because of the writing and the characters. mlm relationship, gay & bi. 5 stars.
  • the foxhole court by nora sakavic. again, not astronomical rep, but the plot and characters make up for it. mlm x2 relationships, one main. 5 stars.
  • six of crows by leigh bardugo. fantastic cast of characters. mlm relationship, gay & bi, and bi female character. 5 stars.
  • a darker shade of magic by ve schwab. beautiful worldbuilding. mlm relationship (both bi i think?) which is also own voices. 

    5 stars.

  • vicious by ve schwab. fantastic dark plot. ace main character, kind of adheres to the “ace characters are heartless” on which way you look but i think basically everyone’s a little bitch in the book so. 5 stars.

  • they both die at the end by adam silvera. so sad but it’s not Bury Your Gays as such since that’s the entire preface of the book. mlm relationship, gay & bi. own voices! 

    5 stars.

  • a gentleman’s guide to vice and virtue by mackenzi lee. mlm relationship.   4 stars.
  • radio silence by alice oseman. gave me an existential crisis. wlw and mlm solidarity, bi female mc, gay m and gay f, gay demi m. 4 stars.
  • i want to put more than this by patrick ness on here (4 stars) because he’s a fantastic ov rep and i love him and this is his most non-Gaytm book, but if you do want a book about being gay in the deep south then def read release and im breaking my own rule here but it’s amazing 5 stars.
  • ink and bone by rachel caine has a couple that remind me of holt and kevin from brooklyn nine nine (just much sadder.) worth reading just for the concept. mlm minor relationship. 4 stars.
  • again, i feel like you could squeak the song of achilles by madeline miller on here by the skin of its teeth. dont read this if you dont want sadness. 4 stars.
  • daughter of the burning city by amanda foody is a fantastic spooky book and so original. bi mc and aspec love interest. 3.5 stars.
  • ash by malinda lo. cinderella retelling. i didn’t personally like this one too much but it’s a cute wlw relationship. 3 stars.
  • history is all you left me by adam silvera. i very much didn’t like this one for personal reasons but i know a lot of people love it. mlm rep with a bi character (watch out bc the mc is slightly biphobic.) 2 stars.
  • i haven’t read adaptation by malinda lo yet but my friend loved it. it has a bi mc with a bi love triangle.
  • likewise i haven’t read of fire and stars by audrey coulthurst but my friend LOVED it with a passion. wlw relationship.


I’d love to recommend Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. THIS BOOK IS GREAT and the plot isn’t solely focused on just “oh they’re gay”. It shows the summer between these two boys who become very close friends and help each through a lot of shit and it’s shows them battling with more than their sexuality. There’s family issues, friends, and a lot of food for thought. This book helped me a lot when I was struggling with my sexuality and my life in general so it’s worth a try.

Okay I know I ranted about this book too much already but I’m just going to list off some things it covers things about PTSD, sexuality, death, transphobia, internal homophobia, acceptance, race and ethnicity (one of the characters doesn’t feel he’s Hispanic enough, he doesn’t speak Spanish meanwhile another character is confident in his identity) etc like pls its a really good book ugh


27 hours- Wright, it’s in space and there’s actual nonbinary rep guy what

All out- Saundra Mitchell, a collection of gays throughout the years by a bunch of different writers

the wicker King- ancrum, man I read that one in a day it’s like a guy thinking up this other world and slowly thinking it more real than the actual world and its dark and scary at parts but BOY SO GOOD

how to repair a mechanical heart- J.c. Lillis, the YouTube shipping game we all dream of

I read like one book with someone gay in it, and it was basically a lesbian friend that said things like

“Aww you guys can go on cute het dates!”

“Sorry, I wasn’t focusing. There a was a cute girl who walked by.”

Forgot the name but liked the book

Moribund and Ouroboros by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge are two books in the Circuit Fae series – a wlw series where the Princess of the Summer Fae Court and the Princess of the Winter Fae Court fall in love and try to save their world from their two warring families while also navigating high school.

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