On Housecleaning



So my sister (whom you all know as thr Pun-Loving Ace) has been over at my house for the last three days and due to us living in different time zones for the last two years, we haven’t hung out much, so she’s compensating by helping me unpack/move furniture/clean like a house elf that won’t leave no matter how much laundry I hand her.  She’s a miracle worker.

So we’re eating dinner and I thank her for coming over and Unfucking my house and she almost snorts a ravioli out of her nose.

“That’s how goddamn Ace I am I can *UNFUCK* things now!”  She howls. “I should start a business! ‘Have your house been completely fucked? Call- call-”

“Ace cleaners?”

“Call Ace Cleaners, We’ll Unfuck Everything!”

Anyway, that’s our business idea/pun of the night and she wanted me to tell all of you.

As a fellow Ace I 100% agree with this humor.

About C.A. Jacobs

Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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