La la la, let’s pretend Infinity War didn’t happen for a quick moment, shall we?  (Here is the Infinity-War-compliant comic.)

[2017][2016][2015][2014] [my Cap stuff]

Few quick notes:

  • Actually, according to the 1923 Supreme Court interpretation of the Naturalization Act, you could also become a naturalized citizen if you were of African descent.  1924 was when Native Americans were included.  Gotta exclude those Asiatics, though.   But this is too complicated to put in that one line so… yeah.
  • I wanted Steve and Bucky to be in more worker strikes, but apparently the biggest ones in NYC were either immediately post-WWII, or in 1911 following the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, and most of the protestors were Jewish women who worked in the garment industry.  (And lbr, they totally missed the Civil Rights movement.)
  • Here’s the quick Wikipedia link to the child labor thing. 🙂  I learned so much making this comic!

Happy Birthday, Steve.  The world is not that great right now, both here and in Marvel-verse, but let’s keep on trucking.

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Just another crazy person, masquerading as a writer.
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